Monday, 28 July 2008

Vandals and the Radio

Just back from the village, and what did I see when I walked up my garden path to my front door? My best camelia lying crushed on the floor, its main stem snapped. Five years to grow it; one second for some clumsy idiot to ruin it.

Yes, the scaffolders will be receiving a flea in their ear from me in the morning.... I didn't have to grant them permission to put the end poles of their scaffold on our side of the hedge. The least they could do is respect our property. Anyway, I've just taken photographs of the roof with the scaffolding in the frame, so if they leave any broken tiles behind I have visual evidence that our roof was fine before they walked over it.

Our immediate neighbours are having their roof done. Emily nearly climbed out of the open front-room window in order to scrounge cuddles off the builder who was in our garden whilst erecting scaffolding.

I've already had to warn one of them to pay attention to our clear Beware of the Dog! signs. He'd pushed his hand through our gate to stroke my dogs. I know they're both softies, but I don't want these builders to think that. Who knows who any of these people are, or what their background might be? Call me paranoid if you want to. I put my security above anything.

2,802 words done today - and it's only 1pm. How did that happen?!!

Oh, yes - Tim Hulme and I will be appearing on 7 Waves Radio this Friday, between 11am and noon (GMT). If you live on the Wirral or nearby you can tune your radio to 92.1 FM. Otherwise, you can hear the show via their web site at:-

I don't know which of his stories Tim will be reading, but he's an excellent writer so do listen in.

I'll be reading Beautiful, which was published in Quiet Lives (Amazon Shorts, 2008). It's the story of a woman's determination to live life to the full despite other peoples' assumptions about her. If you've ever felt disappointed by what you see in the mirror, this story is for you.

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