Monday, 14 July 2008

RPG and Sealing Wax

Saturday saw me in Manchester, when I met with two friends. When burgers were suggested for lunch I hesitated. Regular readers of my scribblings will know I avoid junk food like the plague. However, my two friends hold similar leanings regards health and aesthetics and they said this restaurant made its own burgers from 100% Aberdeen Angus beef. We just made it before a monsoon drenched the city!  offers a fair description of GBK.

So, yes, if you’re in Manchester and are feeling hungry, I can recommend the place – pleasant surroundings, reasonably priced and excellent food. The milk shakes were yummy, too.

Sunday saw Emily waiting for Cat to arrive. That puppy explodes into happy yipping-yapping when my niece’s arrival makes the front gate squeak. The poor girl can hardly get through the door for our two dogs excitedly greeting her. She was wearing black jeans. Oh dear. When will she learn? Black jeans, white dogs….!!!

I wandered round the sales in Birkenhead – mountains of clothes at low, low prices… But no wonder the shops couldn’t coax people to buy them. Look, I’m 5’ 2” tall; a skirt which is almost as tall as I am will make me look like a garden gnome – the alternative was skirts so short the waistband was (almost) the deepest part. Can we have something in the middle of these two, maybe?!!

Anyway, what I actually came home with was a new pair of scissors. Thrilling stuff, hmm?

Ah, but I’ve begun having a clear-out of my gran’s old chest-of-drawers, which acts as a stationary cupboard. One drawer done, three to go. What odd things I found – red and green sealing wax (I kid you not), a miniature wooden peg, a slightly crumpled Snoopy… Not to mention desiccated elastic bands, mangled paperclips, dehydrated Tipex, etc. And useless scissors, so old and worn they’re, well, useless.

I’ve been transferring some old RPG stories from floppy disc onto CD for posterity. Glancing through this old material was fun. Taking part in the messageboard-based RPGs was fun too, at the time – thesedays I don’t have that kind of time. Or the inclination, if truth be told.

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