Wednesday, 9 January 2008

No Milk for My Tea?!!

On Friday 4th, I attended a supporters' event at the new Echo Arena in Liverpool. Due to my role as an ambassador for the city throughout its status as the European Capital of Culture 2008, I had been invited, along with other ambassadors and volunteers, for a preview of the building.

Several local bands, including Major Major, Forsaken and The Farm, performed on stage, with local radio DJ Pete Price introducing both them and braving the mic to sing When you Walk Through a Storm – a rather clich├ęd choice, in my opinion. This event enabled the arena staff to have a dry run prior to its official opening celebrations.

While the plain interior is entirely utilitarian, this new arena can seat 10,000 people, and will herald a new era of entertainment in Liverpool, which apparently boasts the fastest growing economy of any other British city.

However, a cardinal crime was committed by the catering, which ran out of milk. No milk for my cup of tea? Bah!
Sooooo, what else is new….

The word-count for Rowan now stands at 57,300. I wrote chapter 43 yesterday, wherein Jason shows his true colours – so that was fun to create.

We’ve had a pile of trellis fencing delivered, and we’re now waiting for the builders to install it along the back of the garden. This is to replace our old trellis which collapsed, creating a glorious tangle of thorns, climbing plants and weeds which had to be removed before the damage to the trellis could be properly assessed. Having done that, we immediately decided it would be easier to give up and start again with a new structure.

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