Friday, 12 October 2007

English National Ballet

Last night’s premier of The Snow Queen, performed at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool was wonderful!

The English National Ballet more than lived up to its reputation for excellence with this new ballet choreographed and directed by Michael Corder. The fairy tale, originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, tells the story of Kay and Gerda, whose love is jeopardised when Kay falls under the evil spell of the Snow Queen. Kay leaves the village and Gerda, and goes to dwell in the Snow Queen’s icy palace. Gerda has other ideas, however, and dances all the way to the North Pole in a tiny pink dress to rescue him.

Fernanda Oliveira carried the demanding role of Gerda with seemingly inexhaustible vivaciousness. Daria Klimentova’s portrayal of the Snow Queen was suitably dramatic and aloof, and her glittering costumes must have been a delight to design.

The Snow Queen had two rather cute pet wolves. Every home should have one. Really, it should. So long as they didn’t eat my other pets, that is.

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