Monday, 27 August 2007

Happy Birthday!

Hubby hits the Big Four-Oh today!

He's hiding in his den at the moment, playing a Rolling Stones concert at full blast. He's probably trying to hear them over the booming jets of The Red Arrows, who've been terrorising the local heron population.

Emily and I were watching the planes zooming around, trailing red and blue smoke and making big synchronised loops, etc. A flock of five grumpy herons from the nearby nature reserve came flapping overhead, trying to hide. Ten second later they frantically flew back again, chased by a red jet.

I spent the morning up a step-ladder, painting primer and undercoat onto the new plaster walls in the bathroom. I probably spent more time trying to fit the ladders round the basin and toilet bowl, so I could reach into awkward corners, than actually doing any painting.

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