Thursday, 5 July 2007


Remember that Warholian line about everyone having fifteen minutes of fame? Well, in this age of supposed equality, this seems to have been extended to spiders - the one living in our bird house, to be exact.

Yup, dear ol' Incey Wincey made page two of the Wirral Globe this week.

On the TV news, there was a brief piece which announced that British fruit growers have lost up to two-thirds of their crops due to the wet weather. Apparently this has been the wettest June since records began. (This in itself doesn’t mean much, as the records only go back around 150 years which, in the life of this planet, is like a blink to you and me.)

The bulk of my raspberry crop has been ruined. The fruits are rotting on the canes, which renders them absolutely useless. But that’s nothing compared to the problems other people are having right now.

Read this:-'We've+all+been+forgotten'+say+30,000+UK+flood+victims/

So many people have lost their homes! It might take up to a year before they can return to them, or so it has been reported. And no wonder, considering the scale of the problem. Some places are still flooded, and more rain has been forecast.

Soooooo, apart from mailing out oodles of invitations (pleas?!!) for people to buy A Wirral Otherkin Trilogy, and giggling at the dogs happily playing tug-o-war with their new toy zebra, I’ve been working on character charts in preparation for starting the first draft of Rowan. Yes, we have a title! And it’s about a bloke called Rowan. Rather like how Tamsin was about a girl called Tamsin.

Ok, enough of being silly.

Back to work.

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