Saturday, 9 June 2007

Wirral Writers Inc.

Forty-seven people attended the second meeting of Wirral Writers Inc, including six members of Riverside Writers. Once again, John Gorman ran through the list of proposed events, and then those writers interested in specific projects made arrangements to meet as smaller groups in order to start moving those projects along.

Some time later this month, a permanent office will be established in the rather grand Birkenhead Park gates. Fear not, there will be no need to impale office equipment upon an iron railing. The park gates consist of a tall sandstone building with the gate itself set into its middle, rather like a portcullis. If you visit:- and scroll to the second horizontal trio of photos, the park gates are the pseudo-Grecian building in the middle image.

Apparently, this office is going to be named the Wirral Academy of Arts. I wonder if the doorbell will play the theme tune from Fame? *evil chuckles*
Anyway, it’s not too late for people to get involved with the proposed series of arts and literary events set for 2008. You don’t need to live on Wirral, but everything will be taking place there.

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