Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Writers and Underpants

Riverside Writers met last night, and we had the pleasure of John Gorman’s company as he had joined us to describe the proposed series of arts and literary events for the Wirral Writers Inc festival next year.

Tim Hulme, (who’s stories have been featured on Radio Merseyside), and I had attended the inaugural meeting of Wirral Writers Inc. recently, and it was encouraging to see the enthusiastic reactions of Riverside Writers’ other members when they learned about how they could get involved. The most popular ideas proved to be the 15-20 minute monologues and dialogues, which will be written by writers local to Wirral, and then performed by professional actors on stage before an audience. There may well be a series of these performances, depending on the quantity of manuscripts and public response.

To get things moving, Riverside Writers’ latest monthly writing project is to create a five-minute monologue on any subject. These will be read at our next meeting, on June 25th.

Meanwhile, the next meeting of Wirral Writers Inc will take place on Saturday, June 9th, at 10am at the Masque Theatre in Birkenhead. All interested parties are most welcome to attend.

Sooooo…. And for something completely different:-

How do you dissuade a puppy from running off with the contents of the laundry basket? Short of hanging it from a skyhook, the basket is unavoidably within Emily’s reach. She has developed something of a fixation with liberating garments from the confines of the laundry pile. Suffice to say that on Sunday morning, Richard looked up from making the toast to see our little darling industriously burying a pile of our underwear in the garden.

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