Saturday, 12 May 2007

Wirral Writers Inc.

The inaugural meeting of Wirral Writers Inc took place this morning, at the Masque Theatre in Birkenhead.

The idea is to use this as a launch for what is intended to become an annual event, according to organiser John Gorman, who said he hopes to, “Raise the profile of Wirral through the arts.”

There was a huge list of proposed events to coincide with Liverpool’s Capital of Culture in 2008. Musicals, monologues performed by actors before live audiences, poetry slams, an extensive Shakespeare Festival, art exhibitions, the first Wirral Young Poet Laureate competition, performances of classical and contemporary dance, new operas, new music of any genre, plays to be written and performed, ‘ghosts’ taking people on story tours of Wirral….

These are only proposals as yet. But it sounds rather exciting, don’t you think?

And you don’t have to be living in Wirral to take part, either – though all events will be staged here, obviously. Interested?

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