Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Wirral Webcam and Writers

Emily is peering over the edge of the extensive boardwalk, which runs along part of West Kirby beach towards Red Rocks at Hoylake, (by the houses you can see on the horizon. The beach continues behind these buildings). On one side is the golf course, on the other lie tall sand dunes, reed beds and ponds. Natterjack toads breed here, along with newts and tiny lizards which look like jewels. There are masses of wetland and shoreline birds, too, of course; the Dee Estuary is one of Britain's premier sites for migrating birds.

The weather is rather grey and choppy today. You'll be able to see this for yourself if you take a peek through the Wirral webcam. I've just added this to my links list on my page. If you're patient, you might be able to watch the seals.


Last night saw another gathering of Riverside Writers. This month's writing project had been set on the theme of The Missing Chair inspired, apparently, by my absence from the last meeting! (I'd gone to the Russian ballet.) It's always fun to hear how everyone has approached the project. Everyone produces a piece of work which is very different from everyone else. Peter Caton even wrote his very first poem, inspired by The Missing Chair theme, and he'd done an excellent job of it too. We all encouraged him to try writing more poetry.

Actually, I received something of a compliment from Peter, when he said that I set the relaxed, informal tone of the meetings. Even though I direct the meetings as Chair, it's all done very subtly.

As I see it, people come along to a meeting like ours primarily for fun. If they wish to be tortured, go to college!

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