Saturday, 6 January 2007

Mystery Poem Solved!

Revealed - the mystery behind the poem (mistakenly attributed to me) which appeared on Terry Wogan's radio show:  SylviaTaylor - actress, playwright, stalwart of medieval battle re-enactments, and soon-to-be film director (shooting starts this spring) - and old school pal.

We were reminding each other of the dubious delights of our old school days just recently. Sylvia volunteered the information that it was she who had caught me when I passed into blissful unconsciousness during The Human Biology Film. You know, the one with some brave woman howling, "Oooooww!!! Arrrrrrgh!" rather a lot. How could I resist reminiscing about the day Sylvia fell into a cesspit during a cross-country run? Ah, the joys of youth.

Well, our builders have finished plastering the bathroom walls, the new bath is plumbed in and some of the floorboards have been repaired. If any of you would like some dust, we have plenty going spare.

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