Thursday, 2 November 2006

Anniversay Dinner

We enjoyed an excellent meal at The Devon Doorway in Heswall. The contemporary restaurant is tastefully arranged, with comfortably spaced polished tables in a series of alcoves. The cuisine was of a faultless standard, and when we discovered that everything on the desert menu contained dairy products the chef quickly offered an alternative choice which – like the main meal – was beautifully presented.

The occasion was, of course, Hallowe’en – which is also our anniversary. Time is a funny old thing, don’t you think? We fell to the predictable subject of how long we’ve been together and of the experiences this has brought. So many people told us, at the outset, that our relationship wouldn’t work, that we were too different. We are, in all truth, two very different people; two highly independent, individualistic people. And yet here we are, still together and happily so. In fact, these-days we get along better than ever.

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