Thursday, 21 September 2006


Men are weird.

No, really, they are. And yes I know some of you will have encountered similar declarations from me before but this does not lessen the truth of this issue. Men are weird.

Now, don’t misunderstand my attitude. Men are also rather lovely. They’re very useful for keeping feet warm in winter and carrying home heavy shopping and reaching stuff on high shelves - though, granted, a ladder can be a valuable substitute. Ladders can’t put the kettle on, though. Ladders, last I heard, don’t come home from work with chocolates or books or theatre tickets they’ve seen and thought might interest me. And ladders aren’t much good at earning money, (rather like me, actually).

However, they (men, not ladders) do have certain intriguing quirks.

For example:- Why, when one man visits the other, do they seem compelled to play each other their latest CD purchases at top volume then bellow a conversation over the ensuing thunderous noise?

Why are my requests for a reduction in domestic cacophony viewed with amused indulgence, as if it’s an inexplicable feminine trait to dislike being deafened or needing to say, “Pardon?” a lot?

Please feel free to explain this mystery to me.

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