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In 2008,  I became a Lifetime Member of the Cryonics Institute and drew up a legal contract to permit my body to be preserved in liquid nitrogen at the facility in Michigan, America, with the hope that at some point in the future science will have progressed sufficiently to enable reanimation and full return to youthful good health.

This prospect may sound like science fiction to many people, who are perhaps unaware of the pioneering research into these fields already taking place across the world, or of the breakthroughs which have already been achieved.

I'm no scientist, and so I'm happy to redirect readers to the Cryonics Institute's FAQ section of their website for accurate and up-to-date information about the cryonics process and slowly increasing likelihood of success.

At the time of writing this, (14th November, 2016), reanimation and restoration following cryonic suspension are not yet possible, but who can say what the future holds?  Science and medical science are now able to do things previously thought far beyond reach.  

For example, heart and kidney transplants are commonplace whereas these too were ground-breaking, experimental procedures once.  The first patients who agreed to undergo these unproven operations knew full well that the procedure might not work, but they chose to go ahead as the possibility of success far outweighed the risk, especially as they were dying anyway.  Consider how many lives have been saved since then.

I chose cryonics because I love life.  That isn't to imply that I view the world through a Pollyanna-style excessive optimism which ignores the harsh realities of life which we, as a species, have often inflicted upon ourselves and each other.  I love life purely as death offers nothing, while the possibilites presented as a consequence of first being alive are limited only by our own imaginations, talents, opportunity and perseverence.  Lack a one or two of those, and you can still work around them but only if you're alive.

So what of life after death, perhaps you ask?  Well, if you're alive, (still mentally aware, thinking and experiencing), then you're not dead.  Your physical flesh-and-blood body may have deceased, but if your mind lives on through a finer form, such as is usually termed your astral or light body, then you'd still be alive.  That's if your astral body was able to develop properly - or at all - in the first place.  That's if your astral body isn't damaged or depleted beyond repair.  That's if you have the skills to maintain the health of your astral body.

So, while I accept that cryonics might not work, I am also willing to give it a try as a last-ditch method of possible survival.  Call it an If All Else Fails safeguard.

I describe more of this philosophy in the Artisan-Sorcerer Series of urban fantasy novels.

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