Friday, 25 November 2011

Climate Disaster a Hoax

Apparently, climate scientists funded by the American government have announced that various gloomy global warming scenarios are extremely unliley to happen.

Scientists,  comfortably funded to find conclusions which fitted a politically motivated agenda, only looked at the weather from 1850, apparently.  As any schoolchild can tell you, Earth is a tad older than that. 

How old is Earth?  Most estimations come out at 4.6 billion years old, based on the radiometric age dating of meteorite material.  It's fair to assume that during 4.6 billion years, Earth's seen a lot of weather.  This includes possibly five Ice Ages, all of which took place numerous millennia before our little Industrial Revolution. 

Had you heard that most of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is produced, not by tropical rainforests, but by kelp?  So the story about us all choking to death due to deforestation - and believe me, the Druid in me loves trees - seems a bit of a stretch of the facts.  Apparently in the UK we now have more trees growing than at any time since the Norman invasion.

Meanwhile, we've all been sold lots of "green" items:  longlife light bulbs filled with toxic mercury, fridges with different gas inside them, new insulation which wears out after ten years, new-style double-glazing, extra waste bins to collect lots of recyclable packaging which doesn't actually get recycled because no-one wants a wopping great incinerator built next to their house...  And there're lots of apparently worthy campaigns to save this, that and the other, which present themselves as charities when they're actually non-profit making businesses whose top staff slice off rather tasty salaries. 

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