Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Brotherhood of the Jacuzzi - or Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This algid impersonation of summer seems to have inspired a degree of nostalgia. Once upon a time, long long ago - well, about four years ago, actually - there was a lively little group of cyber-pals sporting the suitably ridiculous moniker of the Brotherhood of the Jacuzzi.

Rest assured that this bubbling watery attraction existed only in the colourful imagination of its inventor - who was not my good self, before you ask. The cyber-Jacuzzi was the fanciful setting of many a late night scheduled chat for this group of RPG players, their game having a somewhat historically inaccurate Templar flavour soured, inevitably, by the usual sniping and sycophantic twaddle.

…Amongst other things. But I won’t go into that.

The plug was pulled, but the Jacuzzi’s bubbles were heading down the drain even before then. And so everyone went their separate ways, which is the usual pattern of behaviour within the cyber-realm, as with elsewhere. Most fell off the radar; one went off to find fame - though not before encouraging me to stop RPGing and write something of my own, (for which I’m truly thankful!)

And then there was The Imp...

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