Thursday, 6 November 2008

Child Brides

Chester was lovely on Monday. We lunched at The Coach House then meandered round the shops, stopping to watch a man playing the violin whilst balancing on one leg on a trapeze wire.

I replenished my supply of frankincense and myrrh, and then—several hours later—we enjoyed tea and cake at The Blue Moon Café, which has become something of a traditional stop-off point for us whenever we go to Chester. What can I say; they do excellent cake! And the café sits at the perfect point for a cuppa before heading back in the general direction of home.

We called into St John the Baptist’s Church, partially as Richard wanted to photograph the Norman ruins. Two exceptionally chubby squirrels came to inspect his efforts. Clearly they are used to tourists… These cuties positively wobbled with podge as they scampered over autumnal leaves and mosses—adorable little creatures, with cheeky faces and alert black eyes.
Richard took a few shots inside the church too, while I wandered around and soaked up the energy. This church stands on probably the oldest religious site in Chester. Before there was ever a Christian church built the site was in use for religious purposes. It stands directly on top of a ley line.

Richard bought himself a copy of The Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup, which completes his collection of their films, and while I wasn’t looking he bought me two dark faeries—long, slender, ragged-winged porcelain figurines some 10” and 8” tall, which are now on top of my puuter desk.

I’ve just completed a 5,000 Sci-Fi story—albeit for a tweak and a polish—which I'll probably call School. The deadline to submit this is coming up fast. I’ve also got another story, Fantasy again this time, to complete (or start, even) for a deadline in just over two weeks time. This reminds me of something Tim Hulme said at last month’s Riverside Writers meeting, when a new lady had asked about our writing projects. He said we have an entire month to work on each project, which means we usually leave writing anything until two days before the meeting!

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